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Welcome to the Information page for the TEDx Organizers Europe Unconference in the weekend of
September 8 – 10, 2017!
This page will be updated regularly to give you the latest information about the unconference and the schedule of the weekend. If you have a question that is not answered below or a suggestion please send us an email at:

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the workshop and the other activities.

Where can I find the schedule and program of the Workshop weekend?

On the Workshop Schedule page.

How can I contact you, the people organizing the workshop?

Best by email: workshop@tedxlugano.com

What is an unconference?

Unconferences are mostly participant driven. The exact schedule for the day is created together at the beginning of the day. At this TEDx organizer unconference we are not leaving everything to chance and we will make sure that a broad range of topics are covered for people with different experience levels. We do that by actively seeking people who want to lead a session. Next to that there will be space for spontaneous submissions for sessions on the day.

If you want to lead a session, please let us know at workshop@tedxlugano.com

Several successful TEDx Workshops have been held in the unconference format. (For example at the TEDx Organizer gathering at TEDGlobal>Geneva2015.) It allows for a good mixture of session types, it keeps things dynamic and it stimulates great interactivity.

The sessions run 20 - 30 minutes each and there are 3 parallel tracks.

We expect that everyone who wants to lead a session will be able to. This means that the pitching session at the start of the day is not to choose the which sessions will be on the schedule but for you to explain what your session is about so that participants can decide which sessio to go to.

What topics will be covered at the unconference?

Most of the topics that you have asked for in the signup form for the Workshop will be covered.

Topics for which we have already got session leaders:
Theme & Storytelling, TEDxWomen format, diversity, Marketing, Production, Unexpected problems during event, Longevity, Curation, Speaker Coaching, Community building & management, Team building, Team management & longevity, Community, Salon Events, Value Creation, Q&A Town Hall with Will Davis from TED.

These sessions will be put into the program on the morning of the event.

More to come!

We start with a plenary session and then split into 3 main tracks/rooms:

  1. Theatre Room with stage
  2. Room for collaborative sessions
  3. Room for presentation style sessions as well as other session types.

With the unconference format we don't know the exact session titles beforehand. However, we are communicating with people who want to lead a session beforehand so that we can make sure to cover the topics that TEDx Organizers want to learn about as well as some special and timely topics.

We're happy that Will Davis, Applications Manager for the TEDx program at TED will be joining us!

For more details, see the schedule.

Can I prepare a session beforehand?

Yes, please! And please let us know at workshop@tedxlugano.com so that we know your topic is covered and so that we can ask you for session details.

Where is it?

The TEDx Organizers Europe Unconference will take place at this hotel: Hotel De La Paix Lugano.

The location of TEDxLugano is a short walk from that hotel as well: LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura

Should I sign up for both the workshop and TEDxLugano?

Yes. If you want to attend TEDxLugano as well as the TEDx European Organizer workshop, plase sign up for both separately. You will get a 50% discount on the TEDxLugano ticket.

Apply for TEDx Workshop AND Join Us at TEDxLugano

Also, please pre-pay lunch.

Where can I stay in Lugano?

Several hotels offer special TEDxLugano rates. See: TEDxLugano Partner Hotels.

You can also try Airbnb or Other hotels in the area. (NOTE: Please check that you're searching for the correct dates.)

What does it cost?

The Unconference is free.
Lunch on Sunday at the unconference location is: CHF 20.

TEDxLugano is CHF 40 for TEDx Organizers.

Other costs: Your own travel and accomodation.
See about preferred rates in Where can I stay in Lugano? above.

Who is orgnizing the workshop day?

A team of your fellow organizers from Switzerland. (Separate from the main TEDxLugano team.)

Sofia Sharkova, Katharine Sephton, Jack Vincent, Sergali Adilbekov & Hugo Schotman

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